Wednesday, March 13, 2013

K-Pop Lingo Dictionary

  Another special detail about K-Poppers, is that we sorta have our own language to communicate. A lot of this can be confusing for a newbie, so I'll list some here. Also, if you're new, you'll here a lot of something else. Ever heard of EatYourKimchi? This quirky Canadian couple add new words and phrases to our vocabulary all the time.

1. K-Pop- Korean Pop. A genre of music from Korea that encompasses many genres such as mainstream pop, electronica, hip-hop and R&B.

2. K-Popper- a fan of K-Pop.

3. Anti-fan- a fan of a rival group that bashes on your beloved idols. It is best to just vote down their comments or flag them for spam.

4. Trolls- synonymous with Anit-fan, but much worse. They hate K-Pop in general, and will do anything to get a rise out of you. Remember kids, don't feed the trolls.

5. Saesang- an obsessed fan that will go to any length to get a hold of or get a reaction out of their idol. Prone to stalking, possible injury of idol and self, and hated by fellow Saesangs. (See, even Saesangs don't like each other)

6. Chocolate Abs- has nothing to do with the color of the man's skin, but with the shape of his six pack, looking like a chocolate bar.

7. Ships/Shipping- This is when two people from the same group are paired together as a couple. You know how America has Brangelina? Yea, well we have Jonkey, 2Min, HunHan, Taoris, etc. The list goes on.

8. Yuri/Yaoi- This has A LOT to do with shipping. Yuri is girl-on-girl fanfiction, while yaoi is boy-on-boy. If you go to, that is pretty much the most popular kind of story you're going to find.

9. Fluff- another kind of fanfic, just cutesy innocent stories about K-Pop

10. Fanfiction- stories written by fans of K-Pop (rarely but it happens, also J-Pop) could be perverse or innocent, depending upon the author

11. Aegyo- aeygo is the act of being super cute! smiles, big eyes, high pitched voices, cute little dances, buing, buing-ing! Kris from EXO is renowned for his one little act of Aegyo he did on the MAMA's in 2012 with his little "Buing, Buing" moment. Girls Generation, Orange Caramel, Girls Day, Boyfriend and B1A4 are all popular when it comes to Aegyo

12. Bias- The person from you favorite group(s) that you love above all else in the group, or perhaps K-Pop. For instance, my first K-Pop bias was Jonghyun, from SHINee

13. Mr. Brohoho- From EYK's KMM of F.T. Island's "Hello, Hello". He is the manifestation of the repeated use of sets and props in K-Pop music videos. Ex- Flaxton Street, the Brick Room

14. Bilasa- another EYK reference B 1 (prounounced 'il' in Korea) A 4 (pronounced 'sa' in Korean)

15. Aaay Gurl, Can I Buy You A Drank?- From EYK's KMM review of JYJ's "Aaay Girl" feat. Kanye West and Malik Yusef.

16. Rolling Down Your Sexy Windows- Used when asking a girl if you could buy them a drank. Don't forget to do the motions.

17. Kiss and Touch Me, Rub My Bananas- From EYK's 1st KMM Anniversary Special. From Junsu's "Intoxication"

18. SOY UN DORITO- though this was around when SHINee first released "Sherlock", from fans who misheard Taemin's line, "Soyongdorichyeo". This was popularized by EYK in their KMM for "Sherlock".

19. CF- Commercial Film. This is a commercial, but is stylized to look like a muic video so that it's more entertaining to watch. You go, South Korea! Making me want to watch commercials and such! Ex- G-Market Party, Lollipop, Lollipop Pt. 2, My Color, Visual Dreams, Chocolate Love (GG version), Don't Stop The Music

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